Back at the end of June, Kelly at Barhyte Specialty Foods found me through She contacted me to say my “blog is gorgeous and your recipes look delicious ” (thankyouverymuch!) and ask me about participating in the Saucy Mama recipe contest. The gist of it was:

– only the first 25 food bloggers to sign up would be involved
– 1 box of free product for personal use
– 4 extra bottles to giveaway
– create at least 1 original recipe using the product
– deadline is Septmeber 1st
– prizes including an Amazon Kindle, a $150 gift card to Amazon, plus three runners-up will receive an Audiovox Ultra-Slim 7” LCD Drop-Down Under-Count TV/DVD Player.

I signed up right away but due to some unknown system error, my submission (along with several other contestants) was lost in la-la land and I never received my package. Fast forward to last week when the problem was discovered, I resubmitted my info, and these arrived this morning:

Saucy Mama Contest

How tasty do those bottles look??

I have:

– Sesame Ginger Dressing
– Hot Wing Sauce (time to make something spicy!)
– Parmesan Garlic Marinade
– Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing
– Lime Chipotle Marinade
– Chipotle Mustard

I’m overwhelmed with half-ideas and need to get working if I want to make the Sept. 1st deadline. Even if I don’t win anything though, at least I got some free supplies and an excuse to cook more (heh, like I need an excuse!)

Saucy Mama Contest

I find something incredibly drool-worthy about the idea of chipotle mustard. Oh, and FYI: all of the products I received are vegan except for the Hot Wing Sauce and the Parmesan Garlic Marinade.

And heeeeeere’s the stuff that you might win:

Saucy Mama Giveaway!

Saucy Mama Giveaway!

I won’t be having the giveaway until after the deadline sometime in September when I’ll (hopefully) have the money for shipping and won’t be wrapped up with too many projects. So, details on that next month!

Right now, I need to get busy baking Matthew’s cake for his 30th birthday tomorrow!.

Chocolate and buttercream, here I come…