I’m blogging real quick just to say – I am having a great day!

If I’m going to write about the bad, I want to write even more about the good.

I called my mom this morning and found out she and our friend Vicki were right across the street at Seven Sisters Coffee House. I pulled on some clothes, haphazardly put on some makeup, and scurried over there as fast as I could.

I have so SO dearly missed going to Seven Sisters (my past review with tons o’ photos here – http://imperrfections.blogspot.com/2009/05/seven-sisters.html). Since the identity theft in May, I just haven’t had the money so I’ve been drinking nothing but organic green tea at home (which is great, but it is NOT coffee).

When I walked in I found out Mom had filled Alisha in on why I hadn’t been around and I got a big hug and a cup of coffee on the house – which was plenty exciting enough for me – and then Vicki gave me money to try the almond apricot bar and orange creamsicle cupcake! It all tasted amazing and I’m still sitting in caffeinated sugary bliss just thinking about it.

I really can’t say enough good things about this coffee house. The coffee is organic and fair trade, the baked goods are fresh, organic, and affordable (unlike most cafes – there were even free samples of the vegan chocolate cake on the counter today), the atmosphere is laid back and inviting, plus there’s free wifi and a chocolate shop out back! Why do people in Orlando even go to Starbucks still?

fresh coffee and an almond apricot bar
Seven Sisters Coffee House

orange creamsicle cupcake
Seven Sisters Coffee House

these make me drooool
Seven Sisters Coffee House

Vicki and mom

Afterwards we made a quick stop at the mall where my dear mother bought me some much needed bras (and matching panties!), fixed me lunch, and is letting me work from her house and soak up her working internet connection.

All in all, quite a nice start to the day 🙂