Things have been just a tad stressful and I figured I might as well write it out.

Back in May our bank, Wachovia, allowed a thief to activate a new bank card in our name, despite the fact that you’re only supposed to be able to do it from the phone number linked to your account.

The thief wiped out our entire account and put our balance at negative $300. At first, the bank refused to give us any information or admit it was identity theft. After over a month, and many many phones calls and visits to them, they finally said that they at least REALIZED it was theft and we didn’t take the money ourselves. We were told our money would be refunded and it would take two weeks to process. That was back in June.

It is now AUGUST. Still no money. They now say everything is fine and it is being refunded, but it’s still “processing” because of the switchover (Chase bought out Wachovia)…..the switchover was back in DECEMBER.

There has been such a ripple effect from this event.

Because we all of a sudden had zero money, we had to max out our credit cards just to cover the bills. Because we STILL had zero money, we couldn’t pay off the credit cards.

Our credit score is now HORRIBLE. We went to a new back to open an account and weren’t even approved for a checking account because of this. We were only able to open a savings account. So I have no credit cards and no bank card, meaning all of my simple online business transactions are extremely complicated because I have to borrow a family members credit card anytime I need to order or ship something. (oh, and we were also denied even getting a simple package deal with AT&T so we could have a phone line and internet. We even tried both our names and were both denied)

Our internet, home phone, cable, and both cell phones were turned off. Luckily, we at least have our cell phones back.

The only way I’ve been able to get internet it trying to pick up neighbors wifi that doesn’t have a password. There are only two that “work” and it’s very persnickety, hence the reason I haven’t been blogging or commenting much.

Matthew is still working both of his jobs, but that has only been covering the bills with a tiny bit extra left over for some groceries (and poor Matthew has been paying for gasoline with quarters and dimes for WEEKS. ). By this weekend we should be almost caught up with bills and have enough money to buy groceries and maybe even GO OUT.

I feel so spoiled but OOOHH I miss gong out. Even just to get a cup of coffee at Seven Sisters or pick up some herbs at Dong-A.

We’re contemplating contacting a local News station about this whole deal. If it’s happening to us, it has to be happening to others as well.

Whew. I’m just so ready for this to be over.

P.S. Cross your fingers that a certain box arrives today or tomorrow. There’s something in it for you!