So, my plans of settling in for reading with a nice cup of tea didn’t work out last night.

Instead, immediately after shutting my computer and climbing into bed, I found A FREAKING COCKROACH RUNNING AROUND UNDER THE SHEETS!

After jumping out of bed with an intense urge to hurl…I freaked out. Then Matthew (who is more scared of them than me) really freaked out.

You know how it looks in a cartoon when two people get scared, start running in mid air, go around in circles then smack into each other and fall on the floor? That was pretty much us.

I didn’t think we’d be able to sleep in the apartment. It was after midnight but I was ready to call my parents and tell them we were driving over to sleep on the sofas.

Mathew then had a clear moment of thought, turned to me with the most intense facial expression of his life and said, “It’s O.K. We can do this. We’ll get through this.”

If I wasn’t so utterly terrified I would have laughed at how dramatic it was. You would have thought we’d just been in a horrific car accident and one of us was facing amputation of a limb for how serious the whole scene was.

We ended up shaking out all the blankets, all the pillow cases, taking off the mattress, taking off the box springs, and cleaning EVERYTHING out from under the bed (which is when I discovered multiple scratches on the hardwood floor under the wheels of the bed from some sort of “mysterious” *coughcough* repetitive motion. I’m hoping those buff out…or something).

We vacuumed the entire room, placed the bed in the middle of the floor, and took the comforter off – so that absolutely nothing was touching the walls or the floor except the bed wheels – and finally fell asleep sometime around 3am.

We’ve put out some roach traps and I haven’t seen any today, but we have the bed (sans comforter) in the middle of the room again tonight. You know, just to be safe.

P.S. Because a few people have asked, here is the underside of the blue creamer/sugar bowl set from the last post: