There’s a whole bunch of text ahead, so here’s a big fat picture for those opposed to reading it all.

the courtyard where I photographed the wedding in Amelia Island


I’ve had this blog 8 1/2 years (!!) and since getting a regular following (which I know is there despite the lack of comments most of the time. Come out of hiding everyone! I promise I’ll be nice at least three weeks out of the month) I started feeling pressure to entertain on a regular basis. You know, bring some laughs, tickle your eyes with pretty colors, educate you on useless facts about myself you’ll never need to know, etc.

Because of this, I’ve totally overwhelmed myself lately and basically gotten “blog fright”. This is the instance in which someone becomes so mind melted, word jumbled, and photo saturated, that they simply freeze, shut the computer, and immerse themselves in the world of J.K. Rowling.

I would like to say though, that I have many many posts in my head planned for this week. Whether I will actually get them all done, however, is another matter.

For example, I have photos waiting to be editing for:

– 4th of July
– the sketch crawl
– a recipe my family will not believe I made.
– the new downtown Plaza Cinema
– sketches from mom and Vicki
– and whatever else I photograph this week

By the way, I cleaned out all my book shelves last week. I sadly realized I have read approximately 2% of the books I own. Over the years I’ve collected all the classics you’re supposed to know about. Name a book and I probably have it on my shelf. I even shelled out 25 bucks when I was 15 so I could add The Library of Shakespeare to my stash (only my copy from Costo turned out to be printed in Croatia and is titled “The Library Shakspeare”)

Am I the only one that does this? I feel like a book fraud. I’m making a concerted effort to actually READ some of these literary gems. Just turn off the tv, set aside at least an hour a day, and read.

Of course, this endeavor will have to wait until after I finish re-reading the Harry Potter series. I don’t care of they’re kid books. They are awesome.

P.S. I’m so thankful for this guy I married. Who else would bust out in a british/australian/southern combo accent in the middle of a prayer?