Since my hard drive decided to kick it the night before my birthday, I thought I’d pick back up there.

June 26 – The day before the day. It’s been less than a month and I’m already fuzzy on the details. I do remember baking chocolate chocolate chip cookies with disastrous results.

Turns out I let the butter get too soft PLUS I put them in the oven to bake without realizing it wasn’t fully preheated, so they pretty much melted into a rectangle before baking. I cut them into squares and ate them anyway. They were good.

I also remember using one of our buy one get one free coupons for Tijuana Flats. YUM.

We drove over to spend the night at Matthew’s parents house. His dad showed us how to sharpen mower blades (the next day he nearly cut is finger off on one of them)

Then my mother-in-law surprised me with a birthday cake from Publix (where the decorator left out the “e” in heart, but managed to still leave the space for it. Fyi: babyheart is one of my many nicknames from Matthew.)

Some time after eating the cake and getting ready for bed, my macbook crashed while surfing from facebook to craigslist. Perhaps it was just to much social networking to handle.

June 27th – Happy 24th to me.

Our first order of business in the afternoon was to take my computer to my uncle to see if he could recover the hard drive (later found out: nope).

While there he told me he loves to sit here because it feels like the chair is hugging you.

Next we celebrated by getting three orders of the best cuban beans, rice, and chicken at at La Granja and taking it to my parents house.

Mom was still in Kentucky at this point, but poor dad had made it home and managed to pull his back out and spent a few days moaning in pain as he shuffled room to room.

We left then had to turn around 10 minutes later when dad called because he spilled his entire glass of Mountain Dew and couldn’t bend down to clean it up. I would have been annoyed if it wasn’t so funny.

By this time we had just a few minutes to meet back up at my in-laws and we all went to see Transformers 2 (very explosion-y, and not a big fan of Megan Fox, but it was at least entertaining).

And there you have it. My birthday.