I am sighing with contentment now. I have my computer, I have photoshop (even if it is a 30-day trial for now), I can pick up a wifi signal inside today, and I’m able to blog properly again.

Last night I had my cousins Sammy and Gator (actually Gregory, but we hardly ever call him that) over to spend the night. I always have grand ideas of taking them for walks and playing outside, but…it’s really REALLY hot! I lasted ten minutes in the backyard before herding them indoors again.

Thankfully, they are thrilled with the most simplest of things, such as scrabble tiles, checker pieces, and in Gators case, a vintage hand crank egg beater that mom gave me for my birthday last month. Each visit, without fail, Gregory will ask “How much you sell it to me for?”. He sits for hours on the rug beating empty air into oblivion.

I realized this morning that I hadn’t taken a single picture of their first night over so I took a few photos as they sat glued the the tv with their backpacks on, ready to bolt the second their mom showed up (cousin Megan can only take so many nerf guns and plastic sword stabbings before she cracks).

I told them each to make a face.

And I have to go for now, but there should be many more updates to follow šŸ™‚

P.S. I think I finally found the haircut I want to get. Now I just need to find a good salon. No more cheapo places with crazy ladies that buzz the back of my head before I can stop them (true story).