My Macbook arrived at 8:55 this morning. I missed it dearly.

It is all empty and weird looking and has none of my things uploaded. I also realized I can’t just copy over photoshop form my external hard drive because you need the actual discs for registry purposes. Makes sense, but sucks since I do NOT have the discs.

I have a 30-day free trial of CS4 now but it’s odd looking, and I can’t use one of my very important actions because it’s only for CS2/CS3. Bummer.

I’m anxiously awaiting a package in the mail that has something to do with my future give-away that I was hoping would have happened this week. I emailed last Saturday asking if the box had been shipped and just received a reply this morning asking if it was here. No. No it is not.

I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to be PACKED with new posts here. I have a back log of photos from several events, a restaurant review with pictures, and many recipes to come.

But for now, I still only get internet on the back porch, and I am currently turning into a puddle, so everything will have to wait until a little later.

Love and gum drops,
The Meganator