This past Saturday I met up with Tom Thorspecken and some other artists at the Panera Bread downtown for the Sketch Crawl (and yes, I am the one with the big camera sitting in front of me in the sketch above). I didn’t bring a sketch book since I was there mainly to photo-document a little and meet some new people. Loved the sketches I saw everyone working on, especially Kristen Pauline’s

One of the highlights of the meet up was getting to shoot a few photos with a $3000 lens the Orlando Sentinel photographer (Ricardo) let me borrow for a few minutes. FYI: The Canon 14mm 2.8L takes gorgeous photos, even on a basic DSLR like the Canon 350D. Of course then I was sad to know I would most likely never get to use one again…well, at least not anytime soon.

(The above sketches are by Tom Thorspecken and if you want to see his other work from the day you can go here –

By the way, FedEx rang the doorbell this morning and my box from AppleCare arrived so they can fix my laptop up nice and mail it back to me soon. I’m really really missing my MacBook and my beloved photoshop. I’ve gone into photo-blog withdrawal.

I think I’m due a few photos posts and definitely a recipe or two. I haven’t stopped taking pictures the past few weeks so I’ll have some to post once I’m finally able.