After our two week stint bouncing back and forth between our parents houses, we’re settling back into the apartment.

It never fails that after being gone even just ONE day, this spindly little spider that lives on the chandelier makes a gargantuan web that stretches across the entire room and we inevitably walk through it (causing us both to freak out and do that “get-the-web-off-me!-is-there-a-spider-on-my-back?” dance that everyone does at some point in their life).

I’m also learning to live without a home phone, cell phone, internet, and *gasp* without the DVR. I’m very thankful to have found a spot on the back porch balcony I can take Matthew’s laptop and get one lone bar of wireless from the only neighbor that doesn’t have a password.

Believe it or not, Wachovia has still not refunded us our money that was supposed to “be processed in two weeks”. That was 3 1/2 weeks ago. But all this will be sorted out soon and we should be up and running with at least internet and working cell phones.

Luckily, we have great family and friends that help take care of us. Just two days ago my uncle Greg stopped by with a very generous gift card to Publix from him and my aunt Melissa so that we could have some groceries (our fridge has been mostly condiments for a while). I burst into tears. We went shopping last night, like, REALLY shopping, which hasn’t happened in awhile. I now have nearly all the staples we’d run out of and a few treats we definitely didn’t need 🙂

I’m hoping this doesn’t come across sounding like a pity party, because we’re very much OK, it’s just what’s going on in our life right now.

I realize we’re still spoiled and have a very blessed life. This sort of thing just really makes you appreciate all the luxuries you tend to take for granted every day.

Also, the lack of distractions has me back to reading more again. I’m re-reading the Goblet of Fire for kicks, and I just finished this book:

It’s about the world drastically changing and families having to survive without usual comforts, and even basic needs. Somewhat suiting I suppose!

I also just received this as a belated birthday present from Mom:

Something I desperately need. I’ve gained an astronomical 50 lbs in the past few years and none of my clothes fit anymore, so I live in my one pair of shorts and alternating three tops. I’m already starting to change my eating habits and I’ll be taking up swimming and tennis soon.

Stylish clothes, here I come!

P.S. Downside to typing outside in the Florida heat – I felt a tickle on my arm and realized it was three huge drops of sweat sliding down from my armpit. Ew.