My parents are on their way back from Kentucky now so our house-sitting-mini-vacation has come to an end. It’s also Matthew first day back to work after a long weekend so it’s a little weird being in this house by myself (despite having lived here several years before getting married).

I’m currently drinking tea and watching the first season of Gilmore Girls while washing all the bedding, dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, ect. so Mom can see she’s raised a nice responsible girl and her head won’t explode when she arrives to find crumbs under the table and crinkled sheets are her bed.

I hope everyone had a nice time celebrating the 4th this past weekend.

Matthew and I braved the heat for free food in Central Park. We lasted about an hour and two hot dogs before feeling weak and nauseous from the broiling sun.

I did bring my camera to take some crowd shots, but without my macbook i really don’t have a good way to get them online (matthew’s laptop that I’ve been using is old and I fear anything being uploaded would cause it to spontaneously combust).

We did, however, run into Trent, Allison, and the kids and Allison was nice enough to take a photo of me and mr. cutie and email it to me:

(his little crossed legs make me giggle)

Our friend Shirlee showed up at the house later in the day and, besides a few visits to Matthew’s parents for food and fireworks, we spent most of the weekend being lazy and sun-stroked with her on the sofa.

Oh! Sunday we made an appointment and viewed the “dream house” I wrote about a fwe days ago. It’s very nice, and has lots of room, but there are several downsides includeing

– one very little bathroom with a black porcelain toilet and black tiles on the wall
– a mirrored wall in the master bedroom
– a narrow hallway kitchen that connects the two halves of the house

I’m not as excited about it as I was before….for good reason as you see. BUT, it’s still in a great location for a good price, so when our lease is up in three months we’ll see if it’s still available. In the mean time, I’m still checking out craigslist for rental homes in Colonialtown. If you hear of anything good, let me know 🙂

P.S. If you want to see some BEAUTIFUL homes, look on craiglist at Lake Eola homes for $3000+/month. Gorgeous!