Bad News:
I’m using Matthew’s PC right now because last night, while surfing from facebook to craigslist, my MacBook froze. And then the hard drive crashed completely. The dreaded white screen with a flashing folder and a question mark in the middle. Every time it flashes I hear a little high-pitch computer voice in my head repeating “I dunno! I dunno! I dunno!”. I took a good 35 minutes to cry, call my mommy, and feel completely sorry for myself before moving on with life.

Pluses: I have an uncle extraordinaire who works magic with computers and I am taking my laptop to him tomorrow in hopes of salvaging all my hard work. I also have Apple Care in case he can’t repair it, and hopefully that will all go smoothly.

Negatives: If it is not salvageable, I will be without a computer for awhile as it gets shipped to Apple and, while I have all the original photos backed up, I will have to re-edit all my wedding photos from the shoot in late March, which were nearly complete.

Good News:
Today is my birthday. They get continually mellower and mellower with every year but Matthew and his Mom always make it special. I was surprised with a cake and some earrings last night from his mom while Matthews gift this year was to spend four whole days with me, and that’s really the best thing I could get.

And now, a brief glimpse at the past:

2005- 20th birthday. Went bead shopping in Sanford with my mom and picked out three pastries at the store – ALL for me 🙂

2006 – 21st birthday. A lot of drinking and laughing was involved.

2007 – 22nd birthday. Matthew took me to Busch Gardens! I have no access to those photos right now so this is me in my new birthday outfit from my mom the day before.

2008 – 23rd birthday. Matthew and I went to Kentucky and he was able to meet my grandparents before my grandfather passed away. I also don’t have those pictures available right now, so here’s me as an itty bitty baby.