Dream #1 I was at a college campus and there was a huge game taking place for anyone that wanted to be involved. It consisted of tables and tables of open books and you had to find a picture of an actor in one book and then find another book with the same actor and match them up on a piece of paper. Some of the books also had instructions on an action you had to do or a food you had to eat…I think. It was right after following one instruction that I was led to a room with robots that revealed to me that machines were taking over the world, and as soon as I had started participating in this “game” I was under their control and never allowed to leave the building again. If I said I was unhappy, tried to leave, or attempted to tell ANYONE what was happening to us all, they would shoot me in the head with their laser and I would immediately fall into a coma.

Dream #2 This was fairly short and to the point. I felt something in my right ear and pulled out earrings. Multiple pairs of earrings that were somehow lodge in my ear canal. Silver dangly ones with green stones, diamond studs, and silver hoops that had no way of ever fitting. It was like a magic trick. A scary scary magic trick. I ended up pulling a few out of my left ear as well.

Dream #3 I was in the old house I grew up in with my parents. My bedroom window faced the backyard and I could see the house behind us. It was night time and the neighbors behind us were letting their little girl wander over and steal things out of our yard. I confronted them and started walking back to our house. It started pouring rain and all of a sudden everywhere was 4 feet deep with water. I tried getting to our back porch sliding glass door but there were alligators everywhere. I had to grab one by the tail just so I could get into the house. I stared out the glass door and saw that Matthew was still trapped outside and I could actually see everything that was underwater. Large fish with huge teeth and alligators were everywhere, though I suddenly realized the gators were ROBOT alligators made to look real and someone was just letting them in the flood water to scare people. Matthew finally made it inside but had a bloody eye and was missing some toes (??) from “fighting” one of the mechanical alligators that I now saw floating in pieces below the water. This is where the dream ended, and I am glad for that.

P.S. Will have some new vlogs and recipes within the next few days.

P.P.S. I was lonely yesterday and decided to grab up my little cousin to keep my company for a few hours. We watched Finding Nemo, made a brownie mix together, and (his favorite part) played with “Photoboof”