This is what it looks like in the neighborhood today, and for the past several days.

I love how grey skies make the trees pop and look super green.

(it took me about 50 years to get this shot. Apparently I walked there during the time of day it actually turns into rush hour on this little street. At this exact moment Matthew was urgently telling me a car was coming up behind me.)

This, of course, makes perfect soup weather. I happened to find the last pack of a nondescript vegan instant noodle soup from Dong-A in our cupboard. It’s actually quite tasty. It comes with a little packet of dehydrated vegetables and seaweed and a nice oil packet containing star anise, cinnamon, and probably more sodium that your body needs in a year. Delightful!

Tomorrow: “Ikea Day” (aka “a place for a cheap date”)! We will attempt to be there from 9-5 and sample all sorts of food on their menu. Video to follow.

Also: Tom’s sketch of me will be up tomorrow at 8am on his sketch blog I’ll also be posting it here in the morning before we leave for Ikea, along with some photos of him and a short vlog 🙂