Thank you again to everyone that has bought a print from my etsy shop the past few days! Thanks to you guys we WILL have food on the table and gas in our truck 🙂

Silly me forgot that my PayPal was linked to our awful bank account that is now frozen so I have no way to access the funds at the moment.

We are going to be opening an account at a new bank as soon as we scrounge together $100 cash to deposit and will then be able to get money out of PayPal, so to those that purchased prints: please bear with me as I try to get the money to order/send your prints! Thanks guys 🙂

Prints sold:

I listed our Nintendo Wii for sale on my facebook yesterday and it was sold within 5 minutes(!!) but we still have two Wii games we’re selling if anyone is interested. Only $20 each! (we paid $50 D:)

(currently $74.43 on!)

($46.99 on

These are first come first serve so let me know if you want ’em! (x-posted on my blog and livejournal)