I got the “OK” from Matthew to blog about something that’s happening it our life right now.

About two weeks ago, someone stole our information and took every last penny out of our bank account. Actually, more than the last because we’re now -$170.

There went rent, electric, gasoline, car insurance, and grocery money. And as of right now, our bank (Wachovia the Hun, or as Tom referred to them “Walk-all-over-ya”) is saying “Well, we can’t do anything about that”.

I mean..really? Do you think we bought that $500 dryer in an apartment that doesn’t even have hook-ups? And do you think we developed a magic elixir to have us in two places at once? Because that definitely wasn’t us that bought the one-way ticket to Boston to go to the movies and stop at a gas station. Oh, and there’s the $700 Samsung tv that probably wouldn’t even fit into this place.

(This is really the last straw with them. Over the past year they’ve become increasingly incompetent and have made numerous errors with our account. We’re switching banks as soon as we have enough money for a deposit.)

So anyway, while Wachovia is basically saying “Screw you”, Matthew’s dad has been generous enough to loan us money to cover the bills for May and even a bit for groceries. We’re basically just having to start over from scratch.

I feel like this is one of those situations in a movie where you see the lead go through tough times but “Ohhh, it builds so much character!, And look how she overcomes adversity!, And now she’s on top of the world and everything is fine and dandy and nothing can touch her!”…except that’s an actor, that gets paid, all while wearing a nice wardrobe.

I know there are plenty of people in a similar boat as us, and money is tight with nearly everyone, but if you happen to not be completely broke and you’ve been interested in a painting, prints, or a photo session, now is definitely the time it would be fantastic to go for it – meganlee.etsy.com or meg.kat.art@gmail.com for questions 🙂

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P.S. to add – it’s tough, but we’re still happy 🙂

Empty wallets:

Full hearts:

Love always,
Meggs Florentine