Our friend Shirlee arrived this afternoon to stay the night on her journey from Miami to Tallahassee. We spent the afternoon watching the first season of Arrested Development, drinking jasmine tea, and playing word games like The Valley of the Green Glass Doors and Albatross Soup (google them and have fun with someone not in the know).

Once Matthew got home from work we piled into her car to grab some produce from Freshfield Farms and other essentials from Target. I remembered to take some photos along the way so I would have something to blog for today.

On our way to Target after buying our produce we passed this little pie shop that Shirlee was very excited to see again and that I had no idea even existed. (Matthew is rocking the socks-and-sandals combo today. As a joke, he also shaved a spot in his eyebrow again to look like he has “battle scars”. I was not pleased. It will not be happening again.)

Oh, decisions, decisions. We finally decided on splitting a slice of pumpkin bread and a piece of coconut cream pie – the latter of which tasted mainly of sugar with MORE sugar and a slightly chalky aftertaste :/

At Sodo, Matthew pointed out the new shops, all of which have a very bad construction-y smell

It’s almost always empty. Probably because it’s kinda in the ghetto :/

Look, it’s the mothership!

For dinner, Shirlee made a ginormous and very very tasty fruit salad

I made the single best pizza of my life. Perfect homemade crust with roasted garlic cloves spread on as the “sauce”, mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, and basil. Yummmm

This is Shirlee washing down a nasty vitamin after dinner

This is Shirlee watching Enchanted

This is Shirlee getting fed up with me taking her photo

And now we have Howl’s Moving Castle on and I’m ready for some tea.

Tomorrow morning – Blackberry & Brown Sugar Muffins per Shirlee’s request 🙂