This will be the longest post in the history of my blog. You might as well grab a beverage and a snack.

I recently discovered a community online through LJ spotlight called, A Day In My Life (ADIML). It consists of members from all over the world (over 13,000 of them) who show a day in their life in in 70 photo or less, with captions and time checks throughout the day.

It sounded fun. So I tried it.

This was my Wednesday, May 20th in 49 photos total.

I actually woke up at 5:30am but didn’t think of doing ADIML until an hour later. I blame my sleep deprived brain for not remembering right away. (waking up so early is not a normal occurrence, but I couldn’t get to sleep until 3am and woke up later not able to fall back asleep :/) For anyone in Orlando – yes, that is a Hot Dog Heaven cup

I stumble to the kitchen for a drink of water and cringe at all the dishes (from merely a day and a half of not cleaning up). I love our place, but I will be a very happy girl when we have our very own dishwasher (and washing machine/dryer!) next time we move 🙂

The next thing to do is go outside and say hello to Wilson. He is waiting on the steps as usual and had some happy meows for me.

He follows me around the sidewalk and driveway wanting some love.

Back upstairs I decide to go ahead and get this mess out of the way. Early morning productivity is rejuvenating, right?…….Right?

So, that wasn’t rejuvenating in the slightest. I’m sweaty, tired, and thirsty as hell. Time for a break.

I put on Harry Potter (ha, I spelled it “Pooter” at first) and the Order of the Phoenix because it’s my husbands favorite. I also check out foodgawker and my tummy starts rumbling.

Time check. And I notice that the rain came through my window yesterday and drenched half of my nightstand, including my phone….now there are weird green spots :/

I check my email. My mom is signed on so we chat a bit…then stare at each other blankly and decide to peruse the internet in silence. (if you happened to notice what was in my google search box…I’ll get to that subject later)

My sweetie is still sleeping so I decide to surprise him with breakfast in bed!

Matthew is slowly coming to life. Take note his “vintage” (aka extremely outdated, yet cute) glasses I’ve held together with a twisty tie so that the lens stop falling out…as much.

Ta da! Behold our breakfast! Eggs, bacon, home fries, red grapes, and jasmine tea 🙂 We ate and then my honey went off to work. He called at 10am as soon as he got there. I hung up and promptly fell asleep within 30 seconds (seriously).

Wake up surprised at the time warp I just entered. 2 1/2 hours have disappeared.

It seems like a good time for a dark chocolate brownie with extra chocolate chips. Ohhhh yes.

I proceed to waste some time playing Flash it! I discovered this game through a comment a few weeks ago during a FFAF over at ONTD. It’s very VERY addictive, but I hate when I lose by one square 😦

I notice the room is looking a bit shabby. I think a little more productivity is in order.

Much better.

I move into the living room to keep from falling asleep in bed again. Law & Order is on for the 343454029754604 time.

I’m feeling a bit slummy and greasy so I wash up. I don’t know why I made this face.

Ahhh, some powder, mascara, a hairbrush and headband make all the difference.

I get to work on editing more photos from a wedding shoot in late March. The bride is gorgeous and it was at the cutest little B&B in Amelia Island.

I want to walk to Dong-A (oriental market) or Seven Sisters (coffee house) but it’s STILL raining. I start missing my honey a lot. He makes the day so much more fun.

And there he is! 3pm already!!

Hi, baby! Sorry I made your face all blurry in my excitement to cuddle you up!

We lay down to watch tv together and I check my email/facebook/etc.

I go through some of my recipes hoping to bake something sweet then realize we’re out of a lot of staple ingredients and need to do our weekly shopping.

It’s around 5pm and I start to blog about my projects going on and Tom Thorspecken coming over to sketch me while I work in my studio. Fun!

Matthew didn’t get much sleep last night either and takes a nap.

I do the dirty job of getting the meat off of the rotisserie chicken his mom gave us the day before.

I also make a salad and use some of the french bread I baked earlier this week to have some garlic bread. MMMMMM!

We go out on the porch after dinner and enjoy the rain. I sit on his lap to take a few pictures together. I take a few more shots hoping for one where he doesn’t look repulsed by me.


This is just the window between the porch and dining room. That’s the munny I painted and some little bobble head animals my uncle (Greg Pflug, in case you know him. It seems half the world does) brought me back from Mexico years ago.

More laying in bed watching tv.

I pull out my paper and color a bit of a really quick and pathetic sketch of our back porch.

Hot cocoa time! Marshmallows for him, dark chocolate ~sensation~ for me 🙂

Matthew does the nasty job of cleaning the toilet and floor after the previous nights “Toilet Overflow Disaster of 09” (He had ended up having to go out to a 24 hour Walgreens and buy a plunger at one in the morning)

This is the Ikea mirror he picked out. It’s fab. (Please ignore the multi-pastel colored sponge painted walls! It was like this when we moved in and we haven’t had the money to paint over it yet)

We watch tv for awhile. Holding hands, drinking cocoa, and relaxing at the end of the night with the person you love is the best 😀

He goes to take a shower. Naughty bits censored by my strategically placed fingers.

I felt like I could use a shower. I join him.

Squeaky clean and ready for bed!

Another time check

I finally gave in and joined twitter this past week. I post a reply to Rainn Wilson, knowing full well he will never read or reply to it

We get thoroughly pissed when this interrupts Sex and the City then subsequently takes over every local station. “Tornadoes forming off the east coast and the space shuttle is outside. Oh Noes!!”

We’re both suddenly ravenous and I realize we skipped a meal somewhere in the day. I go hunting for nourishment

Wunderbar! Kraft Mac & Cheese! It is the cheesiest after all.

Ah, yes. Look at that unearthly orange glow that only artificial powdered cheese can bring into our lives

Our bellies are full and our eyes tired. It’s really time for bed now. Goodnight!