So, I really need to think of a good idea for my next non-commissioned painting. Those are my absolute favorite because they’re just for me. I get to decide everything, and if people like it, great, if not, oh well! I have some base sketches started and a few reference photos picked out, but the nerd inside of me is REALLY tempted to do a Star Trek painting because it’s just plain awesome (and there’s a fairly good chance of it selling) but if you have any grand ideas, let me know 🙂

(speaking of Star Trek, this gif brings me endless giggles)

The big reason for starting a new painting is also so I can have my canvas prepped and ready to go in a few weekends for when someone is coming by to sketch me while I work. A couple days ago I discovered a really great artist online named Tom Thorspecken – formerly a freelance illustrator in New York and later with Walt Disney Feature Animation for 10 years – now living in Orlando teaching at Full Sail as well as sketching landmarks all around town, many of which I’ve grown up with and have great memories attached to.

One of my favorites is this sketch of the Jai-Alai building at 436 and 17-92, mainly because growing up I had no idea how to say it and would opt for the phonetic pronunciation of “Jay-a-lay”.

And this one, since it’s right down the street from me. Also, the hot dog stand just happened to disappear last week after sitting there for years!

(Images Copyright Tom Thorspecken – Analog Artist, Digital World)

I told him how much I enjoyed seeing all of his sketches from around town and he emailed me asking if he could come over, sketch me while I paint in my studio, and put it up on his blog. Well, this is right up my alley, and it will be fun to see my little studio through someone else’s eyes, so of course I said, “Sure!”. So on the 31st he’ll be stopping by for an hour or two and I’d love to actually have some idea of what I’ll be painting before then (expect some photos and possibly a vlog from the day 🙂

So that’s one of my main missions for this week – come up with a few ideas and execute at least one of them!

If you want to learn more about Mr. Thorspecken you can watch this great interview with him from the Orlando Sentinel:

(video wouldn’t embed so click the picture to be taken to another page to watch)