I’m buckling down and finishing up the photos from the wedding shoot in late April, working on a commissioned painting, have another commission to prepare for, people interested in photo shoots, aaaaannnnd I just finished up a portrait session with YA author Jaclyn Dolamore this afternoon. Whew.

**psst – if you’re interested in any work though, I always have time for more, so don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂 **

Jackie’s book, titled Magic Under Glass, is being released in the US and UK next February and she needed an author photo for her book and promo material.

I’ll have about 10-15 shots for her to choose from but so far this one is my favorite:


That’s about all the time I have to post for today but I’ll have a whoooole load of photos from another personal project soon, so keep an eye out 🙂