I’ve mentioned Wilson before. He’s a cat that lives somewhere in our neighborhood (though were not quite sure where). We’ve sort of unofficially adopted him.

I guess he’s not too thrilled with his owners home so he spends about 90% of his time on our back steps, waiting for some petting or a little food. Lately it’s been very rainy out so I let him inside our apartment. He seems to like this. A lot.

Last night he fell asleep on the bed until 2am when I put him outside (as soon as I woke up I heard him in the hall waiting to be let in again).

He’s a super snuggler and seems to have some allergies/breathing problems, so he fits right in here. He also constantly purrs about nothing in particular.

(check out those claws!)

Anytime we lay down he hops onto our chests to nuzzle us and fall asleep.

He fell asleep with his tongue hanging out.

Since I had my computer on my lap he had to settle for snuggling my arm.

Now, more than ever, Matthew and I are itching to go adopt a kitty from the Humane Society. It’s only $75 but we still can’t justify the expense right now (plus the cost of food/litter/vet). Maybe this fall…but at least until then we have Wilson 🙂

Oh, and this is just a Wilson lovefest video. Enjoy.