For some reason, this just made my day

This goes to show, you never know who is reading. I love and hate that…mostly love though, because people that visit tend to generally be pretty nice 🙂

And I know there are visitors. With my blog and LiveJournal combined, I know there are usually several hundred people reading everyday (which in blog terms still isn’t much) but out of all those people….no comments on about 98% of my posts?? That makes me sad.

I love comments! They make me happy. I think part of the problem may be that I’ve slacked off on returning comments or venturing out and leaving comments for others.

SO. For anyone that leaves a comment and a link to their site, I will in return, visit you and leave a comment 🙂

P.S. I just zested and juiced five lemons and my kitchen (and hands!) smell amazing. I’m debating what to make, or if I should freeze it all until later. These are all tempting:

Lemon chicken with spices

Sticky lemon and chilli noodles

Lemon buttermilk pudding cake