After this weekends junk food binge I went to bed day dreaming about fresh salads and light suppers. I woke up determined to make something that would actually leave me feeling good a few hours into the day, rather than clutching my stomach and curled into a fetal position, cursing the invention of the Cheeto.

I settled on this:

<a href="; title="today's
breakfast by meg.kat, on Flickr”>today's breakfast

Miso soup with green onions, brown rice, lemon pepper chicken, and green beans.

There’s really no recipe involved in all of this. The soup is just miso paste mixed into hot water with a few sprinklings of green onion (I leave out the seaweed/bonita flakes)

I made the brown rice in our small rice cooker (seriously, ADORE that rice cooker) and used the steam tray for the first time to cook th green beans at the same time.

Cubed and sauteed two small chicken tenderloins with a little oil, lemon pepper seasoning and garlic powder….and that’s it.

It was incredibly tasty when I ate a forkful of rice, chicken, and green beans together…without the seasoned chicken you’d need a little something on the beans or rice.

In other news, I’ve added some new prints to the shop,, including these two favorites:

almost spring

I’m actually considering making a large print of the fruit photo for our apartment because I LOVE how bright and summery it is.

(As always, I can print various sizes on request, or print photos from my flickr stream that aren’t listed in my shop:

P.S. Hello to all my new subscribers! There was an influx over the weekend after posting to food_porn on livejournal. Hope you enjoy the photos and recipes. Feel free to introduce yourselves 🙂