Monday evening Matthew and I babysat my little cousins for a few hours. They’re pretty easy as long as you’re willing to play a little, talk about legos, and ESPECIALLY if you have popcorn.

At first we just watched The Incredibles for awhile.

Then the boys discovered what I will now label “The Room of Mischief” where Matthew keeps all of his electronics (and I have all my art supplies – not nearly as interesting to them, though).

Sammy and Gregory soon discovered a pile of mini flashlight/laser pointers which entertained them for quite some time.

Then it was soon decided (by Matthew) that we needed to have a “Ninja Training Session”. This basically involved wrapping themselves in orange tape and hitting each other with sticks in the backyard.

I wasn’t really into it so I just hung out in the yard with Wilson. He’s an adorable and sweet kitty lives at one of the houses down the street, but whenever we’re outside he quickly joins us.

And speaking of Wilson, we had a little encounter with him last night I thought I’d share with you.

P.S. I want to thank Monica over at life on the hilltop for the package she sent me!

Madison, IN coffee + dark chocolate + a paper airplane note = WIN!