Last night while watching tv I heard someone knock on the front door. I looked through the peep hole and could only see a shady looking male figure in ratty clothes and a hat. This being downtown, I had no clue what kind of scary and disturbed character this could be.

I waved Matthew inside from the back porch and pointed at the door, a slight look of terror in my eyes (I hate when strangers show up at our door). After staring through the people hole for half a second he opened the door to find….my DAD!

Good ol’ daddio decided it would be great fun to stop by and scare me while on his way home and still in character from the film he was shooting today.

My dad, the bum:

P.S. We just got back form the beach so I’m still nice and salty and just a bit pink. I’ll have a vlog of the day soon.