I ixnayed cooking the pea soup last night because it was just too hot out. We scrounged together our spare change, went to coin star, and had enough for some subs. Much better.

I woke up today though and decided I really wanted to try that grilled cheese idea from yesterday…so I did.

Um. Yum.

First thing this morning I cooked up some onions. Actually not a bad way to start the day. A little bread, butter, and cheese = ooey gooey caramelized goodness.

4 thin slices of bread (using the French Bread Recipe from yesterday)
a little butter
two small slices of cheese (muenster for me)
1 onion, caramelized (you only need a bit for these but you can use the leftovers for just about anything – fajitas, pizzas, or more sandwiches!)


You know what to do, it’s just a grilled cheese for pete’s sake.