Tomorrow I’ll be photographing my first wedding and I can honestly say I’m more excited now than anything. The waiting was the horrible part. Once it was close enough to pack everything and cross all those items off my list I felt great!

We’ve made it to our hotel room in Fernandina beach and we’re literally half a block from the ocean. I won’t need to be at the wedding location until 4pm so I think we may need to take a walk over that way before we leave 🙂

I told myself I was going to keep everything packed away and not worry about taking any photos on the way over, but when we pulled over at a rest station (because we both have bladders the size of raisins) I saw these little guys hanging out in th trees and couldn’t resist

In the Orchard

Prince of Sweet Songs

And these are nothing fancy but since I had all my gear handy I took a few quick photos of our hotel (that’s our room with the light on)

right across from our door is a little picnic area

Time to go grab a late dinner before everything closes!