You may have noticed the new little photo in my side bar showing off Mr K’s hunky hunky arm muscles.

Along with loving to show off my guy and simply loving how that photo turned out, I thought it might make him feel better during times like these when I post pictures of his dorkier side.

I now present, Matthew the Color Wonder:

This is from the day he forgot his mowing clothes at home and had to borrow his dad’s teeny tiny track shorts. I laughed, he posed. Oh, and that’s his “hobo bag” as I call it. Full of wires, bits of paper, and food wrappers.

I have NO clue where he got the glasses. The pink masks were free. And you’ve gotta love the knee high socks.

And who can forget this classic from last fall?

I was feeling anxious and restless the other day and thought makeup and photos might help. It was fun to take some self portraits again 🙂

self portrait self portrait self portrait

Hmm…I should probably sleep now.