I’m about to cook my very last package of risotto with saffron that I found at Saks discount grocery store for $.66

I bought three bags about….1-2 years ago? I’ve kept them in the freezer and just recently tried one and LOVED it. And now…down to the last one.

I looked it up and the company sells them in an online shop – but it’s $6 for just two bags! Does anyone know of someplace cheaper? Walmart has it listed on their website (giant photo above courtesy of them), but none of their stores within 100 miles carries the product.

AH! Nevermind! I just read the ingredients. I should probably just try making my own, without the MSG and partially hydrogenated soybean oil :/

Oh, and I forgot to post about my awesome dishes from Old Time Pottery. Mom and I made a trip there last week and I found all of these for under $15!

1 large plate
2 smaller plates
2 bowls
3 colored plates (orange, yellow, blue)
1 little serving dish..thing

Not too shabby!