I worked my fingers to the bone yesterday. I managed to vacuum the entire apartment, take the large table from the studio to the living room (THAT was a feat), take the living room table to the “dining room” and store it folded up under the little black table, AND move my new desk and chair into the studio. Whew!

I’m over at my parents house stealing power for my computer with mom’s fully functional adapter so I’m able to bring you photos:

Matthew found the little white desk in the trash last week. The next night he found the chair on the curb 🙂

The spice rack actually holds different colored buttons, next to it is an antique lamp in the shape of a stem with leaves and the bulb is covered with clear glass beads (once upon a time there was a glass flower shade that went over it but I think it was gone before we ever owned it)

The books are antiques from my favorite shop in Carrollton that closed several years ago and was replaced with a brand new library, so I couldn’t really complain…but I miss that shop.

My brushes that I don’t take care of properly, an old teacup from Mom that I like to stare at, and many many Sharpies – one of my first gifts from Matthew 🙂

Last night I kept walking in to turn on the light and stare because I’m so excited about the possibilities. It’s such a relief to have a place to sit, look out the window, and hopefully make some new stuff 🙂

P.S. For anyone that somehow forgets, these are the two progress pictures of the horror it was before: