Kept an eye on my little cousins, Gregory and Sammy, at my parents house while mom had a doctor’s appointment and their mom, Melissa, was at work. This involved playing legos, watching Harry Potter, and baking cupcakes.

Mom had grabbed a box cake mix specifically for keeping them entertained and they enthusiastically took turns with the different steps – one dumped in the mix, the other the oil, water, eggs, etc.

Thirty minutes later we had some decent tasting vanilla cupcakes and once they cooled they had fun icing them and throwing on sprinkles themselves.

The boys had been up since 3am so by 3pm they were running on empty and literally fell over asleep within 45 seconds of sitting still.

I admit, I hadn’t had much sleep either and took a nap right along with them. Around three hours later we were up, except for Gregory who kept going even after his mom picked them up after 6pm :O

I’m about to bake some more cupcakes now (from scratch though)…it’s a bit of a surprise because I’m not sure how they’ll turn out. I will say, however, that they’re St. Patrick’s Day themed – sorry Mom, you’ll have to wait on the Early Grey cupcakes 🙂