We went over to my parents house for 4 o’clock tea yesterday (we were late though, so technically, 5 o’clock tea).

We arrived to find this pretty sight awaiting us.

dried cherry scones, tea cakes, and the most delicious cherry jam

oh, and chocolate covered strawberries! (to die for)

I could eat a dozen of these jam covered scones

I opted for English Breakfast, Matthew had Mango Darjeeling

my momma!

Matthew, ever so dapper in his AC/DC shirt

Dad showing off the coat with tails he found for $15 (looks awsome and fits perfectly)

did I mention the yummy tea cakes and scones?

it was quite a nice tea, followed by Wall-E and popcorn

and Matthew discovered Mom’s table of buttons to be sorted, which kept him busy for hours on the back porch

I think this needs to be a Saturday tradition.