Remember these beautiful birds that my mother and I collect from artist James Mullan at the Winter Park Art Festival?

Our birds

Well, it seems Anthropologie has these birds now as well…

I’m not sure if he’s actually working with Anthropologie, or if they’ve just ripped off another independent artist like many times before.

Here’s a side by side comparison of James Mullan’s bird (found at ) and a piece that’s posted on Anthropologie:

Nearly identical.

I’d be a little sad if they were being mass produced. I’ve talked with James before about how he makes these and he’s been collecting the wooden birds since he was a small boy! He hand paints them, attaches vintage ephemera, then places them on old cameras, microscopes, globes, binoculars…you name it.

(from the spring festival last year)

And the artist himself, James Mullan

Oh, and if you’re interested, here are the prices for the Anthropologie version (which, surprisingly, are only slightly higher than James price tags):

P.S. Next up, I’d love to get one of his bugs. How awesome are these guys?!