While I played with photos on the computer yesterday, Matthew cleaned the entire apartment.

Vacuumed, swept, cleaned the rugs, washed the dishes (three times), folded laundry, and picked up his half of the studio – his office. He really knows how to woo a girl πŸ™‚

I figured it was a good as time as any to take some photos of the apartment.

The living room, as you enter the front door

The “dining room”. Really too small for any dining so we have our china cabinet (free from the curb!), small table ($10 at a yard sale), and the trash

Still in love with all the cabinets, and I’m lucky to have them since there is no pantry.

Matthew’s special place to chill. Pretty soon we’re going to clean it off, put down a rug, and get some proper chairs

His newly organized office with….stuff. He posed differently for each shot I took. This was my favorite

Aaaand my side. It’s a mess. I really need another bookshelf in order to get things straightened out, but I’m going to work on doing something with it tomorrow

And there you have it. The bedroom, bathroom, and properly set up studio will have to wait for another time.