Ok, so I fell back asleep at 8:30 and didn’t wake up until 11:04. I’m lazy, I’m a slacker, blah blah blah – IT WAS GLORIOUS.

And today is a day that I’m truly enjoying not having to go to work anymore. It feels deliciously decadent and oh-so-wrong-that-it’s-oh-so-right.

I managed to make it to 11:55 before turning on the tv; yes, 51 minutes thankyouverymuch. Matthew wasn’t able to fall asleep until 4am again last night and I knew I heard the tv on a few times. When I hit the power button and looked at the program it was on I did a double take:

“Did that just say “Naked Scenes”? What was he watching? What is this filth!?”

Then I read it more closely and saw it was “Naked Science” on the National Geographic channel. My little nerd was just learning about volcanoes late last night.

Wait, scratch that – that’s just the show on now. According to their website, the programs that were on at 3 and 4am: “Jesus: The Man” and “Secrets of Herod’s Reign”.

My little Bible nerd. Even better.

Now a few pictures.

These first two photos are from last June in Kentucky, shot out the window on our way to Madison, IN.

This one is from Estevan’s birthday trip to Animal Kingdom a few weeks ago. I try to make all of my Disney photos looks particularly not like Disney.

And now, time for breakfast…lunch…whatever. It’s food time.