This was the day of laziness.

Matthew requested the day off and is recovering from that horrible virus, then I started getting those lovely cramps and backache this morning, so we lay on the futon watching movies all day.

Our big adventure was walking to Dong-A and getting some wheat grass powder and a can of coconut milk. Exciting, yes? I had half a loaf of stale french bread and made coconut bread pudding for the first time in my life. It was dry so I made a caramel sauce to pour over it. Caramel sauce = success!

I’m currently about 2 months behind editing photos but I played with three from this past weeks visit with my nieces, the cutest girls on earth.




I’m still trying to decide if I like how I editing these. We were watching The Machinest while I worked on them and that movie just turns everything dark and creepy..I’ll get to more colorful ones sometime later.

And today’s half-hearted 31 second vlog: