19 pictures.


Gram modeling her Valentine’s outfit for us

a drizzly, overcast, laughing visit

Matthew was sick yesterday and stayed in bed ALL DAY 😦 (but a fun excuse to watch movies together while it rained)

mr. sick and his saltines

he finally whined enough that I gave him the last of the skillet cookie.

Sam is spending the night here at my parents house (along with me and Matthew, STILL). He’s been playing legos non-stop and the exhaustion is getting to him at last.

my mom has a lot of legos

the glorious lego creation


mom on the computer

being cute

this is Sams face when he gets totally annoyed at me asking him to pose for the 11th time

I started taking pictures of moms cool and pretty things again

we both collect birds

and love eiffel towers

vintage flamingo pins are cool too

do it

and finally, one of my favorite spots in our apartment, which I haven’t seen in many moons
Our apartment