Dad said he needed new headshots, and seeing as it was his birthday (and I’m too poor to buy gifts right now) a free photoshoot seemed in order.

We spent 2 hours yesterday taking different character shots and I’m working on editing them right now (they’ll be posted little by little over the next few days).

First was his normal one.

basic headshot

Then we got to have fun.

brewier welch

Brewier Welch

Brewier Welch

Brewier Welch

And that’s all I have for now. I have a LOT of photos to sift through.

Stay tuned for:

The Cowboy, The Officer and The European (which I’m naming as such because I can’t think of anything else).

I’m glad I have a dad that let’s me dress him up and take photos.

Ok. A sneak peak of the cowboy.

Brewier Welch