First – THANK YOU to everyone for all the fantastic book suggestions! I will make a list of all of them (taking comments form both my livejournal and blog) in my next post.

Right now I’m in the middle of making a belated birthday breakfast for good ol’ daddio. Baked apple pancake, bacon, scrambled eggs, tea, coffee, croissants – a regular birthday feast.

Because of the below-freezing temperatures in FL (and having never called to turn on the heat in out 1950’s apartment), Matthew and I have stayed the past few nights with mom and dad.

Yesterday was his actual birthday but I had to leave early to take a trip to Tampa with Heather to go see Jess, Ray and my nieces – F.U.N!

I took a bunch of photos (30 of which are in a new facebook album if you want to see them) but I’m going to edit them some more before putting them up on flickr/my journals.

Thanks to Heather for chauffeuring me around yesterday – I hope we can make it a monthly adventure 🙂

(ok, I lied. Here are a few of Heather’s beautiful Isabella)