Saturday night, Matthew and I decided to take a walk and choose a new Vietnamese place to try (since we have six or seven around our area). We settled on Pho 88 on Mills (actually, we walked in Pho 97 right down the street first, but the place smells of nothing but MOLD. We walked right back out).

I’d eaten there before but it’s been over a year and I wanted to give them another try…I don’t think it was a very memorable experience before.

I ordered #138 – Stir fried chicken with onion and cilantro over vermicelli noodles. What I got was chicken and noodles with a few beans sprouts and carrot slivers. NO fresh herbs whatsoever. It was still tasty, but not enough to want it again.

Their summer rolls also had no herbs and consisted of just noodles, lettuce, shrimp and pork. Wha???

This was Matthews meal (Stir fried tofu with vegetables and rice). Colorful and pretty, but very very bland.

Basically, the place was a major let down. The portions are larger than our favorite Vietnamese restaurant we usually go to, but it’s also more expensive, and as mentioned, depth of flavor is totally lacking.

While walking home I took a picture of where we usually eat.

Little Saigon

This is around the corner on Thornton. It’s a fire escape, and the moon. I like fire escapes…the moon too.


Before I go, I just want to say thank you to Amazon for taking the care and consideration to ship this to my doorstep:

That’s right. A totally unsealed box, held together with rubber bands by the USPS. Luckily it wasn’t my new lens and simply a book, unharmed.

Great doing business with you!