First: CONGRATULATIONS TO BRETT AND MEGHAN! My brother and sister-in-law found out she’s pregnant again! I’l be an aunt again 🙂

Second: I’ve basically spent the entire day (minus eating time and taking two walks around the neighborhood) on these 5 photos. I work on one for a few minutes, take a break, return, repeat….it sounds tedious but it’s one of my favorite things to do.

These are all from Epcot


United Kindom

Firework show at the end of the night
Hello, 2009

I’m finally comprehending taking advantage of total manual settings on a dslr. Exposure, white balance, ISO, aperture…those words actually mean something to me now. I’m also teaching myself more about Photoshop, actions, and textures.

If I actually brought a tripod with me anywhere I could probably get a LOT more night shots. Sadly, most of them had a bit to much blur to use, but Ill keep working on them. Japan looks AWESOME at night.