Out of the blue, around 2pm today, Matthew promptly told me he had a surprise for me. A big one. Comparable, he said, to getting pre-release Harry Potter movie tickets (and for me, that is BIG).

Knowing Matthew, and the fact that he gets excited over ANYTHING (actually one of the things I absolutely love about him) I was cautiously optimistic. I asked many many questions. I got no answers.

As we got closer to our destination, he decided to give me a hint.

“It’s two words…..the first letters are b and b.” (he then looks at me like this explains everything)

me: “Baby bunny???”

him: “No”

me: “Baby back ribs?”

him: “What? No. Not ribs. That’s three words anyway”

me: *blank*

him: “Ok…here’s a hint. What goes with goats….and trolls!?”

me: “WHAT?”

him: “You know, goats, trolls, and under a bridge!!” (he now seems convinced that everything should be perfectly clear in my mind)

me: “I have no idea what you mean at all. What are you getting me?? What’s this surprise?” (I’m actually getting a little wary now)

After a few more minutes of guessing I found out he had worked extra this month so he could have money to get me a gift, and had decided he was taking me to Ikea to buy a Billy Bookcase for my art supplies.

(He was trying to get me to think of Billy goat/Billy Bookcase. I have no clue what trolls and bridges have to do with goats, but in Matthew’s mind they all go together like cookies and milk.)

After walking through the store, I decided my priorities were headed in a different direction and opted to take Matthew up on his offer for spending the cash on my Amazon wishlist instead.

So, no bookcase for me yet, but I spent 5 hours reading reviews and researching my options, and placed my order tonight for these items:

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 (the poor mans 1.4, but I am sooooooo excited!)

.35x HD² Super Wide Angle Panoramic Macro Fisheye Lens (super cheap and junky, but totally fun for a new toy)

Lens Hood for Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 (this is much needed)

52mm Flower Lens Hood (for the my new 50mm 1.8)

Lens Hood for Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

Lighting Umbrella Kit (a cheapy beginners light for practicing studio portraits)

4000 Animal, Bird and Fish Motifs: A Sourcebook by Graham Leslie McCallum


Merry Christmas to me 🙂