The downside to Florida is that it’s usually at least 80 degrees on Christmas. The upside to Florida is that you can usually have Christmas at the beach if you’d like to.

Matthew and I had to be in Orlando in the afternoon to see his family but mom and dad went beach hopping and mom took this photo at Anna Maria Island. I loooove it.

Anna Maria

Luckily we all got to have Christmas Eve/Christmas morning at Ray and Jessica’s house in Tampa this year – the highlight being FINALLY getting to meet my new niece three weeks after birth!

Here’s a whole lotta photos from our day (I’m linking straight from my facebook album so these are all a bit washed out).


We both got some nice little gifts this year, but I was disappointed we didn’t have the money to get anyone anything at all for Christmas. Picking gifts for people is always my favorite part of the season, and I missed getting to do it, but maybe I can just make up for it twofold next year.