Matthew and I went to Disney World Saturday!!!

This shouldn’t sound so surprising since I grew up 30 minutes from Disney, but it costs an arm and a leg most of the time, making it a rare experience even after 23 years.

I got a call from mom around 11am saying one of dads friends had given them 2 park-hopper passes only good for that day. They showed up at Epcot at 9 but the fragrances everywhere had made her sick 😦

We gladly took their tickets instead and headed to Animal Kingdom for the first time ever (Matthew was like a little 6 year old boy – “This is great! Look over there! It’s amazing! Let’s get popcorn!”)

A look at the Everest ride, taken from the bridge going towards the exit. Looks totally out of place in Florida, but pretty cool.

This tiger liked posing for me
Pretty Cat



Sleepy Bat


Scary Yawn



We left the Animal Kingdom around closing time and headed towards the Magic Kingdom. You have to take a bus to a parking lot, then from there take a monorail to the other park, so after a little over an hour we got there.

The crowds at both places were horrendous. The rudest, meanest, and pushiest people out of EVERYONE? The moms with strollers.

I’ve never seen anything like it. They were all using their strollers as bulldozers and maneuvering devises in crowds where it was packed person-to-person. They pushed their child in front of anyone, with no regard for people’s appendages, and if it weren’t for Matthew blocking me from a particularly overzealous nazi mom, I may not have functioning legs right now.

We grabbed some dinner then rode on Splash Mountain, grabbed a cafe latte and went on Pirates of the Caribbean, then the Jungle Cruise and a pineapple float, and on towards home.

We didn’t realize it, but we happened to leave right after the fireworks show ended, which happens to be when EVERYONE leaves, so it took two hours to get from the park to our car.

Thousands and thousands of pushy people = an unhappy Megan.

But we finally made it and I got a few pictures of the castle.

OH! And the highlight of the day – we ran into our friend Tonya on Main St!!! In the middle of everyone, we happened to bump right into each other!

Main St.
Main St

Train Station

The Castle

Night Castle

All in all, a fun day, but it felt SO good to get home and crawl into bed.