I have ennui again today.

I’m over at my moms drinking coffee hoping it will help. I think I will make Pioneer Womans Pasta alla Vodka then list some more prints on Etsy. I haven’t been promoting or listing much so sales slowed back down, and they’d come in sooo conveniently since Matthew’s boss has over-hired and cut everyone’s hours even more.

I haven’t even felt like working on photos this week, which is very very strange for me. I’ve been finishing a painting commission (almost done!) and am now in a mood to paint again. I wish I knew what.

Tomorrow I’m just going to pull a whole load of supplies into the living room and play. I have big canvas, little canvas, a canvas roll, paints, mediums, decorative papers, feathers, ephemera, book pages, antique illustrations, even some half-finished paintings…I better be able to make SOMETHING. Maybe I’ll attempt to use on of the 30″x48″ stretched canvas to hang above our bed.

But boy do hate staring at a big blank piece of canvas.

One thing I still love though is playing on polyvore. If I could wear anything today, it would be this:

This is me by meganlee