You know how we like to think everything in the world revolves around our own little lives?

Like that crazy speeding driver. He didn’t happen to have somewhere to be at a specific time. No. He set out to ruin MY day.

The free samples of coffee in the grocery store? They weren’t there to promote the brand and make more money. No. I was tired and draggy so some divine intervention placed them there. For ME.

What doesn’t help in stopping this way of thinking for me is the fact that if you go to Google maps and type in “Orlando, FL”, the little dot representing the city is MY intersection. Yes, mine.

Since living in this apartment two months, I have claimed the roads as my own.

(I don’t care that I added an S to Noble. I’m not going back to fix it)

Not mentioned on the map are: the dozens of restaurants, the liquor store, the laundry mats, the auto shops, the salons, the bar, the furniture store, and the balloon shop. Yes. MY balloon shop.

And that is why I love our location so much.