I think the internet and tv is eating my soul.

At least that’s what it feels like after bing sick for over a week and I really don’t feel like doing anything but lying completely still and attempting to breath out of both my nostrils.

So far I’ve gone through a box of tissues, one bag of Ricola’s (honey lemon flavor, fyi), and knocked out half a package of Throat Coat tea (the BEST thing for my throat so far. it tastes amazing too)

I had a dream last night that I filmed a music video and it as AWESOME. Both musically and visually. The night before I dreampt I was singing for someone. I can’t remember who.

I feel like I’m due for restricted computer access, a stereo, my still-unpacked box of cds, and a sketch book. I also have like, 30 canvases. Seriously. All sizes, including two enormous 30×45’s. Paints galore, papers, pens, prismacolors….uuuuuugh. It’s overwhelming.

At least I’ve been able to get some photos edited. Found a few more from our Kentucky trip in June and two from our secret garden.


Cow with Attitude

The Horse and the Fly

sun and shadows

at the secret garden