I couldn’t resist – I made a whole roasted turkey today and I have a pumpkin pie baking in the oven. Any bit of cool weather and I MUST.MAKE.HOLIDAY.FOOD.

It didn’t happen without a few snags, though.

1. I have no oven mitts, so I use strategically placed dish towels. They slipped and my middle finger got smushed into the hot oven rack. I now have a blister 😦

2. I’ve never made a turkey. I thought there was only one bag o’ weird stuff inside that dark and shady cavity, so I only reached my hand into the bird abyss long enough to pull out one bag. After it finished cooking and I was carving it, a bag of bits fell out :/ (I googled it, the turkey’s still safe)

3. I made pie crust. I made pie batter. Discovered I have no pie pan. Cast iron skillet to the rescue!

Matthew and I went to Total Wine and wandered around a little this evening. I found this bottle, sitting by itself on a shelf, and I just couldn’t leave it there all alone.

Who knew such a thing existed? Yes. Banana Bread Beer

It is banana-y. It is beer-y. It is good.

Oh, and photos of course. Just two for today 🙂