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I’ve never wrote about my sister’s neighbor before, but today marks a new level of appalling.

I’ll copy and paste straight from Jessica’s blog:

I took note this morning that she had taken all of the underwear out of her window & just left the yellow shirt hanging there, which seemed odd. I think it made a little more sense after our nice neighbor two doors down stopped by this morning.

She said they let their dog, Susie, out last night & Susie went to the not-so-nice ladies yard & started eating chicken from a can that was in the yard. The dog then got sick & began dragging her left side. Our nice neighbor took the can of food from the not-nice neighbors yard, knocked on the door, & asked what they put in the can of chicken. The husband snatched the can out of her hand & she was told that the food hadn’t been meant for Susie.

Well, they’ve now spent hundreds of dollars taking their very ill dog to the vet, they now have to take her to a specialist, & the tests came back that the not-nice neighbor put anti-freeze in with the chicken & left it in her yard! Obviously, she meant it for another animal (I can take a guess on who’s animal she wanted to eat it), just not their dog.

Is that not SO incredibly appalling????? Not to mention very dangerous! There are a lot of neighborhood animals that walk around here, we live on conservation that’s filled with animals, PLUS, there are little kids on this street who could have easily been the ones to find the poisoned food!

I think the not-nice neighbors are probably pretty scared now.

My nice neighbor just called while I was writing this & she was filing a police report on our neighbors. I hope this situation can get resolved in a civil manner.

Update: my nice neighbor called a few minutes ago to let me know that our not-nice neighbor did in fact kill her dog

It’s become very clear over the past few years that the neighbor has some serious mental issues and is a danger to the people (and poor little animals!) around her, but they’ve never been able to catch her “in the act”, so there was nothing the authorities would do

For some back story, it all started when my sister moved into her house a few years ago and she opened the blinds in the kitchen (like perfectly normal people) to let sun shine in.

Her neighbor (who’s kitchen window faces theirs) didn’t like that and told her to only have them slanted open one direction so that there was no chance of them seeing into each others houses.

My sister is one of the kindest people you’ll meet and never got mean or ugly with her neighbor, and simply continued to let sunshine into her house (seriously, my sister has done NOTHING but be cordial and live her own life in her own house).

That’s when the control-freak scary neighbor started being…well, crazy. My sister began taking pictures for proof.

– setting up boxes of condoms and tampons on her table facing my sister’s house and oly opening her blinds to display them (I think it was meant to embarrass whoever saw it, but it kinda works the other way, doesn’t it?)

– put a mini-fence in between their windows and began writing (misspelling, really) on the side that faces Jessica’s house. (and in Jess’s words: “I think its funny that it says “just voyers” but right after that “exhibitionists. So which is it? Those have two entirely different meanings!!!”)

– hanging thongs, boxers, panties, and other clothing in the window, with the blinds closed behind them. Video and pictures:

– animal feces!

(from her blog again) thrown into our garage. In the bushes by our front door. On our driveway. SMASHED into our front door mat. Even on our roof. I’ll spare you the pictures we’ve taken to document everything. The wreath hangar was even torn off of our front door.

Unfortunately, we have no solid proof of who’s been doing such heinous crimes. (because trespassing & vandalism are crimes)

Then, the day before Thanksgiving, I saw a bowl of sparkling green liquid in the bushes next door (the same neighbors who were harassing us with the writing on the fence). Jello it was not. Antifreeze. Which, as you probably know, attracts animals & then kills them after they drink it. Our cat has been inside a lot more lately. (Unfortunately, I didn’t get out there quick enough to get a picture.)

The week after that I was trimming one of the plants on the back side of our house & found a pile of kitty litter dumped against our house!

I can’t even remember what else has happened, but please pray that this woman (and her husband) don’t harm anyone or anything else and are punished for all their disgusting acts.