Happiness for me today!

Mom and I went out to Barnes & Noble for coffee drinking and magazine reading (that’s not the good news, but it was very fun). After perusing photo mags for an hour or so we decided to go over to Marshal’s where we had found an amazing green purse last week. It was on sale for $20, but because I needed to buy flour, carrots, and celery, I decided to wait and hide this bright green purse on the very last row of bags and in the very very back of the row in hopes that, despite it being a bit fluorescent, it might go unnoticed.

Anyway, we went into the store back so I could lust after it some more and maybe take a picture to show Matthew “This is at the top of my Christmas list!”, but – someone found it!

My sadness lasted for all of 1.2 seconds however, because there, laying on the ground, next to the purses, was my one true love – THE laptop case of my dreams.

Yes, the one I blogged about in May that is shiny green fabric on the outside, shiny pink on the inside, isn’t even made anymore, cost $80 to begin with, and I thought I could never ever posses. Yes. THAT one.

And it was on sale. For $28. And it had no strap so I got it for $22. It is shiny, and it is mine.

P.S. I had even put this bag in a set I made on Polyvore 9 months ago!